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About the firm

Founded in 2010, Deep Secure’s Threat Removal CDR Platform creates secure zones around key parts of a business, or the entire organisation to ensure protection from zero- day threats, sophisticated ransomware, polymorphic or steganography attacks. In June 2021, Deep Secure was acquired by Forcepoint to further extend the depth of the joint organization’s defense-grade capabilities to governments and critical infrastructure organizations around the world

Deep Secure uses Zero Trust Content technology, Disarm and  Reconstruction (CDR) to detect, identify and remove malware and threats, delivering 100%  malware-free data. It works by extracting the valid business information from files, verifying that the extracted information is well-structured and then building a brand-new file to carry the information to its destination. Its technology provides enhanced assurance by splitting the extract and build stages of the Threat Removal process across multiple servers and performing the verify stage in hardware. In addition, Policy Enforcement can be used to complement Threat  Removal CDR ensuring that the data is delivered meets the policy in force for the organization.  It has three steps:

  1. Inspect: Breaking the data down into its constituent components. The individual components are passed to the rules engines which determine if any part of the data fails to meet the define policies
  2. Check: Rules can be applied to a granular level from system wide down to an individual
  3. Enforce: A final decision is made based om the results of all rules engines to determine if the data is allowed to pass or not.


Threat Removal:

  • Information eXchange (iX): malware protection.
  • Gateway eXtension (GX): protection to documents and images carried over the Web.
  • Data Diode: get while preserving the essential isolation that protects against cyber- attack.
  • High Speed Verifier: validates information created by the Threat Removal process and provides an IP break.
  • Threat Removal Plus: a dual hardware & software cross-domain security solution for secure exchange of information and protection against malware.

Policy enforcement:

  • Mail Guard: detect threats and brand protection in emails and their attachments.
  • Web Guard: detect threats and brand protection in web content, uploads and their attachments.
  • Chat Guard: permit secure chat across domains while protecting against attacks.
  • Networking Management Guard: controls the flow of network management traffic, carried by SNMP, Syslog, ICMP and NTP.

File transfer and exchange: provide a threat removal solution for file transfers and a deep content inspection solution for file transfers.

Safe Content: threat prevention through a unified approach.

Global Reach: Based in the UK, Deep Secure solutions can be implemented worldwide also thanks to its acquisition under Forcepoint.